Connecticut Adult Family Living (AFL) Program: Empowering You to Choose Your Own Caregiver with ABL Homecare

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For many seniors, living at home means relying on a trusted person to assist with daily activities and needs. Family caregivers often step in willingly, but full-time care demands a significant commitment. Many caregivers reduce their work hours or even leave their jobs to support a loved one, which can lead to financial hardship. At ABL Homecare, we believe that caring for an elderly loved one shouldn’t be a financial burden. Our Adult Family Living (AFL) program is designed to help family and friend caregivers get paid for their services—all at no cost to Medicaid recipients.


What is Adult Family Living (AFL)?

Many seniors need assistance with daily tasks but prefer to stay in their own homes rather than move to an assisted living facility or nursing home. Traditional home care can sometimes be unreliable due to scheduling conflicts, but the AFL program ensures that seniors always receive consistent care. Our AFL program is tailored for elderly individuals (65 or older) in Connecticut who want trusted, in-home care without financial strain. With AFL, seniors can enjoy the comfort of having the same loved one provide care every day.


Benefits of Adult Family Living

Inviting a stranger into your home for care can be unsettling. Our AFL program addresses this concern by allowing seniors to receive personalized care, supervision, and assistance from someone they already know and trust. This approach ensures a higher level of comfort and familiarity.

AFL care recipients can choose their own caregivers, meaning family members or friends can be compensated for the care they already provide. Our program offers competitive pay rates and provides caregivers with free social services, comprehensive training, and ongoing support, ensuring they can deliver the best possible care to their loved ones.


Who is Eligible for AFL?

To qualify for the AFL program, there are three straightforward requirements:

  • The client must be a Connecticut resident age 65 years or older.
  • The client must live with their chosen caregiver in Connecticut.
  • Need assistance with at least one or more activities of daily living (ADL).


Who Can Be Chosen as a Caregiver?

The AFL program’s greatest strength is that clients can choose their caregivers. However, the caregiver must meet the below requirements:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Can be a family relative or friend, but not a spouse.
  • Must live in the same house with the client.


How Does the Caregiver Get Paid?

All caregivers in the ABL Homecare Adult Family Living program receive weekly tax-free payments. Before starting, we conduct an initial assessment at the senior’s home to understand their specific needs, including any specialized medical care such as for Alzheimer’s or dementia. Payments are based on the level of care required, as determined by this assessment.


Joining ABL Homecare Adult Family Living

If a loved one is already providing your care, contact us today to learn how they can be compensated through the Adult Family Living (AFL) program. Once the initial assessment is complete, your caregiver will receive training and ongoing 24/7 support from the ABL Homecare team. We also provide weekly follow-ups and bi-monthly nursing visits to ensure caregivers have all the tools they need to offer exceptional care.


Contact ABL Homecare Today to Learn More!

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At ABL Homecare, we are dedicated to offering personalized care with grace and kindness, ensuring you and your loved ones receive the support you deserve in the comfort of your own home. Join our Adult Family Living program today and experience the peace of mind that comes with choosing a caregiver you trust.

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