Meet the Staff

Outreach Coordinator

Cally Patten

Hi my name is Cally and I am an outreach coordinator with A Better Life Homecare servicing Fairfield, New Haven and New London counties. I have a degree in social work and have been a geriatric social worker on the shoreline for the past 12+  years. I have passion for the elderly and the skill set to help you and your family with any questions you may have regarding homecare, medicaid and the services that are available for you. I look forward to helping you!

Intake Director

Cassandra Cedeño

As the Intake director for A Better Life Homecare my responsibilities vary, but I make sure that the documentation process for each individual client is followed through and completed. I love my job, my team and every individual I meet. I look forward to seeing you soon. 

Program Coordinator

Clarisa Melendez

As one of the other Program Coordinators for ABL,  Angie and I share the same passions for the work we do. Little quote that I am fond of is “Work hard in silence and let your success be your noise” Ready to hear from you soon.

Outreach Coordinator

Richard Rodriguez

Hello, I am Richard an Outreach Coordinator, and I have been working in this industry for over four years and I still get up in the morning to go out and find those people in the community that are in need of the services we represent. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Program Director

Esther Muiruri

My name is Esther Muiruri, I have been a nurse for over 15 years. Throughout my career, I have worked in various settings including rehab centers, private homes, and as a visiting nurse. I am committed to providing quality care to all our clients. I have a passion for helping people and find joy in seeing families improve their living environment when enrolled in the Adult Family Living program while keeping their loved ones at home.
Outreach Coordinator

Mayra Alamo

I’m an Outreach Coordinator, Helping people is something that has been a part of my life, starting with my mother when she was involved with her community in Puerto Rico. I am passionate in regards to connecting with people and helping those in need. Working with A Better Life has allowed me to accomplish those goals.

Business Director

William Mendoza

The vast majority of the people within my network of contacts know the passion I have for our senior community. With over 8 years of experience both in the Homecare and Home Health industry I bring to the table the tools necessary to educate underrepresented communities. My mission is straightforward and that is to work hard to expand our brand and identify opportunities for growth while knowing that community is key.