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Connecticut DDS Services

At A Better Life Homecare, we provide top-quality Developmental Services, including Shared Living, Adult Companion, Personal Support, Individualized Home Support, and Individual Day Support. Our competitive rates ensure your loved one can live comfortably, thrive, and feel safe and supported at home. Discover how our dedicated team can make a difference in your loved one’s life.

ABL Homecare DDS Services

A residential option in which the contractor facilitates the relationship between the Participant and a family member, or between the Participant and an individual that choose to live together. Shared Living is an individually tailored supportive service that includes supports such as: adaptive skill development, assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) and instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs), assistance with connecting the shared living members with local resources, such as adult educational opportunities, social and leisure skill programs, and protective oversight and supervision resources.

A person who provides non-medical care, supervision, and socialization services to an adult Participant.  Services may include assistance with meals and basic activities of daily living and/or completion of light housekeeping tasks, which are incidental to the supports and supervision of the Participant.  This service is provided to carry out personal outcomes identified in the Individual Plan.

The assistance necessary to meet the Participant’s day-to-day activities and daily living needs in order to provide the level of adequate support at home and in the community specified by the individual plan.

IHS assists Participants with the acquisition, improvement, and retention of skills and provides the necessary supports to achieve personal outcomes that enhance a Participant’s ability to live in his/her community as specified in the IP. IHS creates an environment that assists Participants to become contributing citizens in their community in a variety of roles, including, but not limited to, as family members, friends, neighbors, students, employees, volunteers, members of civic and religious associations, voters, advocates, etc.  All of the supports provided to a Participant should be done in partnership with a Participant’s family so that individuals are part of a strong team where they feel valued and supported from their earliest years throughout their lifetime.

ABL Homecare DDS Services

The Contractor shall provide Individualized Day support to a Participant tailored to his/her specific personal outcomes related to the acquisition, improvement, and/or retention of skills and abilities to prepare and support a Participant for work and/or community participation and/or meaningful retirement activities, or for a Participant who has their own business, and could not do so without this direct support.  Individualized Day Supports are broken down into two categories, non-vocational (IDN), and Community-based (IDC).  Non-vocational and Community-based individualized day supports cannot be provided in or from a facility-based day program.  This service shall not be provided at the same time as GSE, DSO, SHE, Individual Supported Employment, Senior Supports, Transition Services, Respite, Personal Support, Adult Companion, or Individualized Home Supports.


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