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Wednesday’s Mother’s Day event was a great success due in great part to everyone who graciously volunteered to lend a helping hand. 

Thank you, Ken and Sofia, for your continued support. 

Thank you, Natalie, Bianca, Gisele, Emely, Obdyel, Ruth and Janely and Gilma for all your hard work at the event. I also want to thank Brian Sullivan (Goodwin) and the HPL staff, Steven Hatch, and Nancy Mendez. Last, but not least Graciela Rivera., Branch Manager, at the Hartford Public Library @the Lyric, constant and greatest collaborator for community events.

Special thanks to Samantha Sarelli and Jasmine Parras; the Trinity College interns who were assigned to my department since February. Samantha and Jasmine were presenters for the event along with Lisa Herrera, an immigration lawyer at GHLA. You guys did a great job! This is Samantha and Jasmine’s last week at HHC. They are graduating in May! Best of luck to you both!

Thanks to all of the partnering agencies, who also donated gift cards for the event: GHLA, HPL, FAVOR Inc., Interval House, YWCA Sexual Assault Crises Service, Planned Parenthood, CT Dental Health Partnership, A Better Life Homecare, La Diferente Radio and La Identidad Latina.

Thank you all!

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